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Health and Fitness is a lifestyle that is obtainable to everyone. We believe that as long as you have a desire to live a life that is fully fit and work hard for it you can achieve it. It has to be something that is so important to you that you think about it everyday and you put aside your wants for. Once you give fitness the attention that it needs you will begin to see irreversible results. It is not only something that will fulfill you physically but you will also feel fulfilled mentally and emotionally. We believe it is possible and we want to help you get there. We are Fit For Life. 

Rodney harris, owner, trainer, nutritional specialist

Rodney Harris has always loved fitness. He found his interest at a young age as he became involved in football, basketball, baseball, and track and field. However football became Rodney's main focus his junior year of high school. He trained hard which led to a scholarship to the University of Kansas after a couple of years of junior college. 

At the University he began to take his dedication and focus to another level. He trained everyday including the teams off days. Rodney's coach recognized his hard work and gave him the name "No Days Off". Eventually his hard work paid off. He earned all conference honors and his name was on the NFL scouts list. With excitement he continued to push hard for his football career. 

In July of 2006 Rodney's football unfortunately ended. He suffered an injury which caused a fracture to his fifth vertebrae. Although tragic he did not let this stop him from fulfilling his love of fitness. He began to focus on his personal training and started The FACTORY; Future Athletes Connected Through One Reality Youth Culture. The FACTORY focused on young athletes and worked with them to get to the D1 level of the sports careers.

In 2009 he began interning as a personal trainer for Lance Mc Coulough at Fitness Results. After a few months of his internship he was hired onto staff as a certified personal trainer and nutritional specialist. In 2014 Rodney decided to take his career to the next level by opening his own gym. With his past and drive for fitness and health, he couldn't think of any better way to help people get Fit For Life.