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Personal Training

A training program which focuses on a single individual and their personal goals and fitness needs. 

Our one on one training focuses on your personal needs and goals.

  • We start off by performing a fitness assessment which will help us measure your strengths and weaknesses, plan the proper workouts, and how often training is needed to meet your fitness goal.
  • Next we begin the proper training you need. As we go through session by session we will discuss the changes and give you feedback on how your training is going.

Another aspect of our one on one training is that we show you the proper techniques of the workouts to ensure the best results in the safest way. Each set of exercises has an appropriate way of performing them so that you are properly working your body. Without the proper knowledge on how they work you can seriously hurt yourself or lack results. Therefore we want you to understand each workout to help you get and remain healthy. 

We hope to help motivate you to push yourself beyond what you thought possible. To give you instructive criticism to improve your lifestyle, not only in the gym, but in your everyday life. 

First Session is free. If interested please contact us.