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Sports Specific

Training that is focused on developing your body and strength to a specific sport 

Our sports specific training focuses on athletes and preparing their body to perform at its highest level for a specified sport.

  • We begin by giving you an analysis which consists of evaluating the sport and your athletic abilities.
  • Next we will discuss your current training status. Your participation in previous training programs will also be considered.
  • Once we have an understanding of your past and present sports fitness we will perform a physical test and evaluation based on your sport. This will assist us in setting a proper training goal and work out plan.
  • We will plan your training frequency, exercise order, training load and repetitions, volume and rest periods.  

Our plans will help you focus on the proper steps to get you to the top level of your sport. Preparing you for a bright future in your sports career. 

First Session is free. If interested please contact us.